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About Us

Find a home for your hidden gems at Vintage Most Wanted! Sell rare vinyl records and vintage collectables to the most passionate collectors in the area. We also specialize in estate buyouts of all or partial collections of all different kinds of collectibles.


About Us

At Vintage Most Wanted, our passion for vintage collectables and records is unmatched. We’re dedicated to finding rare gems and connecting them with enthusiasts who share our love for the treasures of the past. Our fascination with the history and charm of collectables has driven us to create a welcoming place for sellers.

We pride ourselves on offering a seamless selling experience. At Vintage Most Wanted, we celebrate the stories and emotions that vintage records and collectables evoke, and we’re excited to help you find a new home for your precious memories.

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Our Full Range of Services

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Vinyl Records

Unlock the potential of your old vinyl collection by trading it with us for a handsome return. Enrich our expansive catalog and help keep music's history alive and thriving.

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Record Players

Do you have an old record player gathering dust? Reach out to us, and transform your nostalgic piece into cash, contributing to our growing selection of vintage audio equipment.

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Vintage Jewelry

Breathe new life into your old jewelry by adding it to our curated selection of vintage ornaments, where it can shine again and reward you with a splendid return.

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Vintage Comic Books & Toys

Make your old comic books and toys the heroes of our expansive collection, earning you a princely sum and ensuring these cherished items continue to captivate and inspire.

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Other Vintage Items

Every vintage item has a story to tell and a value to offer. Sell us your old gems, add to our historical treasure trove, and take home a great return on your timeless possessions.